The D.C. Comic character Batman is one of the most popular Halloween costumes in existence. Many young boys have been dressing up like Batman since he first made his public appearance in 1939. In the story line of Batman’s life, millionaire Bruce Wayne puts on the Batman costume to fight crime and injustice.  Young boys can also wear this costume to stand against Batman’s arch enemies or other forces of evil like vampires, ghosts and goblins during the Halloween season.

Throughout the years there have been many changes to Batman’s attire..  The first costume he wore during the 1940s consisted of gray tights with a gray shirt that had the symbol of a bat printed on the front. He also wore a black cape and black boots with a yellow utility belt. This is the original Batman costume and it was a simple disguise. Some costume manufacturers still make this particular style of Batman’s clothing for kids and adults. Parents can also create
this look by helping their children to create this costume from scratch.

Batman’s attire eventually evolved over time and by the 1960s the yellow insignia with a black bat appeared in the chest area of his disguise. The color of his costume changed from gray to a bluish gray color and he wore a pointy black mask. This look was made popular by actor Adam West during the 1960’s and it became one of the most memorable looks for Batman. Many Batman costumes for children are still being made with this particular style.

Throughout the years Batman’s costume continued to change and when Michael Keaton took on the role in the 1990’s, his costume had become totally black with the yellow and black bat symbol on the front. This particular style is also popular and it rivals the traditional Batman costume from the 1960’s. There were little changes being made to Batman’s costume during the 1990’s but it wasn’t until the 2000’s, when Christian Bale became Batman, that the costume had been overhauled. The Dark Knight wears all black.  He no longer has the yellow and black bat sign or utility belt. Batman’s costume has become armored plated and it looks even more menacing. Costume manufacturers stock many of the newer versions of Batman’s costumes that were featured during the two films starring Christian Bale.

Another reason why Batman’s costume works well for boys is that they use a whole lot of gadgets for their utility belts. These accessories can consist of everything from a spring loaded toy gun to just a simple but practical flashlight that could be used while trick-or-treating. Parents should allow their sons to come up with different types of objects that they can use as gadgets for their belts.

Batman costumes can be purchased from most retail outlets and costume shops since they have become a traditional part of Halloween. Many online stores also sell these costumes and they have a lot of styles and accessories to create almost any type of Batman look imaginable. Batman has become a traditional American hero that appeals to various kids and adults of all ages and generations and some of them express their gratitude when they wear this costume during the Halloween season.